Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Decided to go camping.

She wants the one out of jail, the fool who got locked up.

I'm not questioning it, but I needed some help for the breakout....

So I went on down to the river, found some friends. Followers of another, Campers as I've heard them called.

"Why have you entered the territory of ><>?" One of them asked as I approached.

"I come seeking an alliance, however brief, in order to free another of my kind." I replied humbly.

They discussed amongst themselves for a while, repeatedly mentioning '><>' and 'the Unnamed'. (Yes, they actually said it like '><>'..... I'm not sure how.... but I swear they did.)

After enough talk, they turned back to me. "We shall help you." One stated. "But you must help we."

I asked what I had to do. They gave me a gallon or so of water.

But it wasn't water, I was smart enough to know that.

"The school's water supply." One stated, referring to how the local school has its own water supply. Easily accessible by staff, I knew what they meant.

I asked for another gallon.


There's no kill like overkill.

You know, it's funny. The children are like bishops.... able to slide oddly, and slip through enemy lines....

There the ones your king must always watch for...

And I STILL want to know how the hell they said it like that. Excuse me while I practice pronouncing '><>'.....

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  1. FISH

    Be careful, you might end up doing what ><> wants.